tilt curve

The tilt curves (in German die Neigungskurven) of a surface


are the curves on the surface which intersect (http://planetmath.org/ConvexAngle) orthogonally the level curvesMathworldPlanetmathf(x,y)=c  of the surface.  If the gravitation acts in direction of the negative z-axis, then a drop of water on the surface aspires to slide along a tilt curve.  For example, since the level curves of the sphere  z=±r2-x2-y2  are the “latitude circles”, the tilt curves of the sphere are the “meridianMathworldPlanetmath circles”.  The tilt curves of a helicoid are circular helices.

If the tilt curves are projected on the xy-plane, the differential equationMathworldPlanetmath of those projection curves is

dydx=fy(x,y)fx(x,y). (1)

Naturally, they also cut orthogonally (the projections of) the level curves.

Example.  Let us find the tilt curves of the elliptic paraboloid


The level curves are the ellipsesPlanetmathPlanetmathx2a2+y2b2=c.  Now we have


whence the differential equation of the tilt curves is


The separation of variablesMathworldPlanetmath and the integration yield




and finally

y=C|x|a2/b2. (2)

Here, we may allow for C all positive and negative values.  The curves (2) originate from the origin and continue infinitely far.

Remark.  Given an arbitrary family of parametre curves on a surface


of 3, e.g. in the form


the family of its orthogonal curves on the surface has in the Gaussian coordinates u,v the differential equation

dvdu=-g11+g12f(u,v)g12+g22f(u,v), (3)



are the fundamental quantities E,F,G of Gauss, respectively.

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